Solve the problems of poor mattress
1. Your old mattress is too hard 3. Your old mattress does not support
2. Your old mattress is too soft

Solve them with Bolster

Many chiropractors suggest using of bolster
Not only one side but also both sides
Do you ever know ? We always change our positions all night while we are sleeping. The research for better sleeping in Japan (NCNP) says it is our subconscious to adjust our position automatically to release tension of muscles when we are not in the position that is well for blood circulation, or decreasing body temperature.

Sleeping Position

When you sleep on your side, the upper leg has to be bended, for balance reason (not to tend to the front or back)

Many chiropractors suggest using bolster to support your knee up, to make it in the same level as hip, otherwise your hip muscles or waist will be stretched too long (like 7-8 hours all night), and it cause the back pain.

Not only one side of bolster, but also both left and right, because we keep changing our positions all night.

no. 1
no. 2

When mattress does not support your back, because our backís shape is like S shape, so some too hard mattress, is yet firm but not bend to our S shape back.

So letís fill the gap between you and mattress with our NR miscellaneous pillow, because it is adjustable to your unique S shape back

1. When sleeping on your back the more bended S shape need a higher pillow
2 . When sleeping on your side, a woman need a higher pillow than a man



Finding your own uniqueness pillow back is A H 100 pillow can help supporting your back.

Mixing 2 bolsters with 1 back pillow create a H100 pillow
Which some mattresses cannot answer before.
To make a uniqueness of your own shape a buckwheat pillow is the choice.

Because of the sandbag shape will create your own choice, soft, hard, high, or low, by putting more or taking out buckwheat hull, or even make a bended shape to support the bended knee.


A. Make flat shape to fill the
gap between your belly and mattress

B. Bending the bolster to
support bended knee

A. Other bolster does
not fill the gap

B. Your knee is falling
of the bolster