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Nowadays, natural product seem to be the most popular product among health conscious people because they have learn from many reports and researches from Europe, America, and Japan such as environmental Working Group(EWG); non-toxic, Pollution in people, Indestructible Chemical

You can also find information by yourself for supporting the belief in nature is the best. They all said that synthetic and chemical products that we use daily always release toxic at room temerature . This means our body will accumulate that toxic everyday as long as we have them in our house, and the effects will be the symptoms of headache, asthma and in long term it will be the reason for many diseases

We can avoid the toxic by controlling our daily use product such as all kinds of washing chemical products As such most of the air we breathe and pass through our lung is indoor air especially among your bedroom about 7-8 hours a day. Imagine you live your life among toxic especially when the product that is really close to our nose is pillow and mattress, because we breathe through them everyday.

For the last 10 years, we have been using synthetics foam, fiber and spring mattress,
which was produced by passing through many chemical procedures like; sulfur, boric acid, formaldehyde, chemical fire retardant, and glue to fix each layer together. You can imagine now how many kinds of chemicals are so close to you everyday even during your sleeping time.

Health conscious people in most developed country know the danger of TOXIC from chemicals that will affect their health in the long term. As a result they all turn to Natural mattress. 100% Cotton are among the most popular material they will choose, but this was forgotten by developing country.

Report from Australia many children and adult who is suffering from asthma and allergy are basically suing synthetics mattress, and house dust mite HDM the reason for asthma like to live there because it is not good air circulation as natural mattress do. So one of the solutions is to use natural mattress because it does not provide a favorable environment for moid and dust mite to live.

Before we can enfoy deep sleep is to decrease our body temperature by expelling the heat through our skin. Even sleeping in the air-conditioning room, our body still cannot expel the effectively especially using synthetics mattress. The reason is because the heating spot is actually the area our body touched the mattress, and that require a breathable mattress like Cotton. Natural cotton mattress is make of 60% cellulose fiver, so they cool down our body in summer and create warmth during winter

Stuffing the mattress to be hard or soft is according to the need of our head and body
as each of us required different firmness. Head-part need more FIRM and more hard stuffing to balance the head weight, While body part need more SOFT touch for true relaxing

New techique of stuffing the cotton fiber is by calculating the proportion of the weight of each part of the body. As a result, this will improve the support of your spinal more effectively. The heaviest part is the middle part of our body so it is stuffed with more cotton than other areas, in order to balance the weight perfectly, and hence it reduced the pressure point of stress, and blood, which will in turn minimize the changing position, and this eventually leads to deep sleep.

New choice of Natural mattress from 100% cotton, SRISAMRONG cotton from the first harvest season, gives the best quality, shiny and white cotton, together with the natural smell of soll aroma. The srisamrong cotton was stuffed into layer by kintting the cotton together by ancient way, which was taught from generation to generation. You can clean your mattress by natural way of putting in sunlight or use hair dryer, where by other mattress cannot. The synthetics fiber is not durable at heat, but every natural material (not only cotton) can absord heat and enlarge themselves, and penetrate in the most inner part of the mattress. This means they will clean themselves more effective than synthetics matreial can do. So you can always get new mattress after putting it in sunlight.

Conclusion :
1 Faraway from chemical
2 Faraway from dust mite
3 Solving your wrong position support mattress
4 Adding resilience to your old mattress and sleep softly in a natural way
Cellulose is a part of every kinds of tree and the fiver will be soft when touching heat and will extract when touching cool.

This means when our heat met the fiver will become larger so many air can passing through them and that leads to a breathable mattress that help body cool down

  The 3 types of  mattress are strongly recommended:

1. De Futon Pinic mattress
picnic For day sleep, and easy to move but soft with 6 layers cotton stuffing
2. Place on top of your existing mattress with De futon On Top
for more natural sleep by adding resilience of 2 layers mattress on your old mattress
3. For utmost soft touch with De futon 6 Layer cotton
De Futon b layers cotton mattress or more, without any chemical in your bed room, which you spend 7-8 hours everyday

4. De Futon: Cotton Duvet
Cotton fiber will be cool in summer and warm in winter. And by stuffing more cotton on foot area will balance the body temperature by concept of WARM FEET DEEP SLEEP
5.De futon organic cotton Pillow Cover     
Unlike other pillow cover, De Futon cover is stuffed with thin layer of cotton fiber, to protect you from chemicals from synthetic pillow. Adding more soft touch and to your face and cooling effect to your head.
6.De Futon organic Duvet cover
With Eco-cert and SGS standard to certified free formaldehyde and organic cotton. To ensure every touch to your skin is really safe from chemicals.

7.Quilted Mattress PAD
To protect you from touching directly to synthetics spring mattress and adding soft touch for your sleep by De futon PAD which is stuffing by thin layer of cotton fiver in stead of synthetics fiber.  

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