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A l l e r g y      A l l e r g y     A l l e r g y   

Sign & Symptom of Allergies

          Sneezes, recurring running nose all year round, breathing congestion, chronic cough, frequently catching cold more than few times a year, eyes irritation, itchy nose, itchy skin, or even itchy scalp and rashes and lumps caused by scratching.

A condition whereby human body exhibits hypersensitivity in reacting against foreign substances, which it comes into contact with, and these are referred to as “Allergen”, resulting in sign and symptom of allergies as described above.

          As high as 80% of the cause of allergic condition stems from minute particles created by fecal discharges of mites, commonly referred to as “Dust-mites”.  In Thailand, the current findings report approximately 10 millions patients with allergic symptom caused by dust-mites and of particular importance are dust-mites categories known as Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus (Trouessart) and Blomia Tropicalis Bronswijk.  More importantly, over 90% of dust-mites are found on our daily used mattresses.


Dust mites are living creatures under category of “phylum Arthopoda” just like insects and bugs, but of substantially smaller in size, merely 0.30 mm, and thus they are not visible by naked eyes.  Its ideal inhabited conditions are temperature of 25-30 degree Celsius, relative humidity of 60-70% and dimly lit environment.  Therefore, in the household, dust-mites are commonly found on mattresses,  pillows, quilts, carpets, upholstered sofa, curtain, or even stuffed dolls made of staple yarn material.

Dust-mites survive by consuming human scurf coming off the skin and dandruff coming off the scalp.  A one gram weight of scurf and/or dandruff can feed 1,000,000 dust-mites for one week long.   At the temperature of 25-30 degree Celsius and relative humidity of 75-80% the major allergen are formed by fecal discharges and stains of dust-mites and become air-borne and get breathed-in.  World Health Organization (WHO) has issued health warning with specific level that a 2 Micro-gram of Allergen per 1 gram weight of dust or equivalent to existence of 100-500 dust-mites per 1 gram weight of dust can induce on – set of asthma in a patient and 10 Micro-gram per 1 gram weight of dust will cause acute asthma.  In Thailand, the average level of Allergen found is 11 Micro-gram per 1 gram weight of dust and the amount of Allergen found in Bangkok averages 5 Micro-gram per 1 gram weight of dust.


An innovative development as the result of a 5 years research work being funded by BRT, an Institution undertaking research deems beneficial to society and well being of Thai citizens, has created the formulation of


Deep forest -----With the composition of orange to induce freshness eucalyptus to relieve breathing congestion and clove to provide germ-killing agent and promote relaxation.

In the garden –With the composition of clove and lavender flower to  promote relaxation for a well-rested sleep, the aroma from assorted flowers such as Geranium, Jasmine  flower, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Champaca provides therapy to enhance body internal balance, and with subtle freshness provided by Bergamot Fruit Oil and Lemon Peel Oil.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What types of mattress are found with highest level of existence of Dust-mites?
The older the mattresses, the higher level of  existence of dust-mite are found, and particular types of mattresses found with high level of existence of dust-mites are Kapok-filled mattresses, coconut-fiber filled mattresses, synthetic-fiber filled mattresses, and rubber mattresses in decending order.

Would exposure to direct sunlight eradicate dust-mite?

Exposure to direct sunlight can eradicate about 10% of dust-mites because temperature of sunlight is about 40-50 degree Celsius.  When a mattress is placed to expose to sunlight, all dust-mites would migrate themselves to lower level, whereas PUMI Anti Dust-mites spray attacks dust-mites directly and with the fumigation effect will effectively eradicate them. Therefore, it is advisable to cover the mattress with bed-spread after spray application and to keep doors and windows closed for more effective result.  The recommended procedure is to apply PUMI Anti Dust-mite spray in the morning and leave doors and windows closed for 1-2 hours or until evening before bed time,  only then open doors and windows for air ventilation.

 Would the remains of inactive dust-mites left on the mattress still cause allergy?

After the dust-mites have been killed, their harmful affect or their protein would gradually be subsiding, but slowly. However, if a speedy result is desired, vacuum cleaning is recommended.  But vacuum cleaning alone without the prior application of PUMI Anti Dust-mites spray would be ineffective since dust-mites themselves can resist being sucked away by vacuum cleaning.

Would the use of Air Purifier be effective against dust-mites?

Air purifier is more suited to handle cigarette smoke which  are air-borne and can be easily detected by the air purifier, but dust-mites are heavier than smoke. When we turn our body on the mattress, allergen get pumped up into the air, but  only for 5 minutes duration before they again settle themselves on the mattress or sofa, therefore, the air purifier cannot eradicate them effectively.  More importantly, the dust-mites themselves were not killed, and  therefore, continued to  produce fecal discharges.

Would covering the mattress with a densely woven fabric, plastic sheet or vinyl and nylon sheets or fabric pre-coated with protective substance be effective?

It is probably effective for a short period at the beginning but  severely reduced ventilation would be counter beneficial to  desire for a naturally well-rested sleep because of discomfort caused by accumulation of body heat. Moreover, after a number of laundry, the densely-woven fabric would be altered structurally opening up gaps between  yarns and allow allergen to escape into the air.

Does PUMI spray use chemical substance in its formulation, if it does, is it harmful to human?  If it is effective in killing dust-mites, is it also effective in killing harmful bacterial too?

PUMI Spray do not use any chemical at all in its formulation, instead it uses
oil which naturally evaporates fumigant, will effectively kills dust-mites and yet it is capable of killing             fungus and harmful  bacteria as well.  The addition of   alcohol in PUMI Anti Dust-mites spray formulation promotes sanitization and clean air which enhance relaxation  and well-rested sleep, with “The Garden” giving out the aroma of Lavender or with “Deep Forest” with the aroma of its eucalyptus providing relieve to breathing congestion, combat against cold.

Would the use of “PUMI Spray” be recommended if a new born baby is present?

Strongly recommended,  since new born baby has much lower immunization level than adults and if the baby is left exposed to fecal discharge of dust-mites over a period of time, the child could develop asthma condition.

Would a brand new mattress benefit from use of “PUMI Spray”?

The problem with allergy is that it may be disguised as mere  skin irritation or frequently recurring cold or feeling unwell due to minor immunization deficiency.

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PUMI Aromatherapy Pillow & Mattress Mist for Anti dust-mites 100% effective
The use of it would reinforce your body immune level enhancing your own immunization by.

– Eradicating dust-mites on your mattress with 100% effectiveness which is a major cause of 80% of allergy cases.
– Sanitizing your mattress as it is capable of getting rid of fungus, harmful bacteria as preventive measure.
– Enhancing relaxation and promote well-rested sleep with aromatherapy from Lavender essential oil.
– Relieving breathing congestion with benefit of eucalyptus aromatherapy.
– Getting rid of unpleasant odor in the room.
– Spraying in the bedroom, the oil evaporating substances will repel against insects, mosquitoes or ants.
– Spraying PUMI Spray on skin instead of mosquito repellent spray, however, if the skin is hypersensitive, test spray on back side of the feet is advised before spraying on body and hands.
– Using it as hand cleansing spray in place of gel as it is safe from possible irritation caused by fragrance additives.
– Besides spraying PUMI spray on mattress, spraying on pillow is also essential as pillow comes into contact with us while breathing in, or even sofa in living room or sofa in bed room or carpet should also be treated with PUMI Spray for maximum and complete effectiveness.